How much you lose without Infrapanels:

For properly heated building with 100 m2 area:

  • Investment cost:
  • Operating cost (monthly):
  • Monthly money loss:
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  • 13,000 – 15,000 PLN
  • approx. 320 – 550 PLN
  • approx. 205 PLN
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  • 14,000 – 16,000 PLN
  • approx. 280 PLN
  • approx. 50 PLN
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  • 12,000 – 14,000 PLN
  • approx. 230 PLN
  • 0 PLN
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 6 reasons why people talk about Infrapanels:

1. No risk of asphyxiation or poisoning

As Infrapanels do not emit any smoke or soot (as in case of coal CO installations) – there is no risk of emission of deadly carbon monoxide. There is also no possibility of any gas escape.

2. Resistance to humidity, overheating and overvoltage

Though Infrapanels are electrical devices – they are protected against humidity, so they can be used in bathrooms or kitchens. What is more – they have 3 protections against overheating and double protection against overvoltage. Safety is top priority.

3. Heat savings

Energy is saved due to the fact that Infrapanels heat only our walls and floors, that distribute the heat to your room and not to your neighbors.

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4. Simple installation

Infrapanel installation is so easy, that even an amateur can perform it. An installation instructions are included in the packaging – simple and understandable.

5. Relief for allergy sufferers

As Infrapanels heat directly objects, walls and floors – the air does not circulate as in case of competitive solutions. That means less allergens in the air.

6. Uniform heating

Thanks to the fact that Infrapanels emit infrared light, the room is uniformly heated. It is a great benefit, when a few people are in the room.

Meet the Infrapanels:

You can test Infrapanels for a week – without any additional costs and obligations.
The only investment is 40 PLN – for the shipment.

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Order a free heating project:

Send us your house, apartment or any other venue plan.
We will design your heating for free and prepare the valuation.

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Choose a proper model of Infrapanels:

Remember: Each Infrapanel can be prepared with your favorite color or imprinted photo.

  • visualization

  • power (W)
  • dimensions (mm)
  • weight (kg)
  • max. heated area (m²)
  • front of the infrapanel
  • frame color
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$ Model XL
  • 1200
  • 840 x 1240 x 17,5
  • 11
  • 25
  • titanium layer™
  • silver
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$ Model M
  • 600
  • 510 x 1020 x 17,5
  • 5
  • 15
  • titanium layer™
  • silver
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$ Model S
  • 400
  • 510 x 610 x 17,5
  • 3
  • 8
  • titanium layer™
  • silver
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Warranty: or temperature reaches 21°C
– or you will get a free panel:

Infrapanel heating is designed in such way,
that the temperature in rooms would be at least 21°C.
If it’s lower* – you will get a free panel.

* – the warranty applies to situations, where the room
is properly insulated and there are no unforeseen heat losses.


Positive influence of infra-red light
on humans

Although we cannot see infra-red light, it causes skeleton muscle flexing and better skin blood supply. Infra-red light is used in medicine (faster wound healing), recreation (in saunas) and in animal breeding (ex. warming flocks).

Infra-red light is therefore a radiation well researched, but also 100% safe for human health.

Test it for 7 days without any obligations
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